The final placements for PGP-BA and PGP 2024 of the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore saw 516 eligible students accepting job offers from 163 firms.

The placement week, which ended on February 7, 2024, saw 503 students placed, while 13 students were placed in a subsequent rolling placement process. A record 29 students have been placed abroad with Infosys Consulting (7), Strategy& Middle East (6), Jindal Shadeed (5), TransformationX (3), EY Parthenon Singapore (2), JP Morgan Chase London (2), Health City Cayman Islands (2), Fast Retailing, Japan (1) and Landmark Group, Middle East (1) while 487 students will be working in India. The median annual salary stands at ₹32.5 lakhs.

Prof Ganesh N Prabhu, Chairperson, Career Development Services, IIMB, said, “In a difficult placement year, we are immensely grateful to Accenture as they reposed confidence in IIMB students by making a record of 58 offers across its three units – Global Networks, India Markets Unit and Data & AI.”

Consulting firms made the most offers (218), while offers in finance, banking and investments were 81. IT firms and e-commerce firms made 49 offers each. Manufacturing and infrastructure firms made 36 offers, conglomerates made 30 offers, consumer goods and retail firms made 28 offers. Also, analytics and AI firms made 13 offers and healthcare related firms made 12 offers.

Further, 30 Consulting firms made 218 offers, 30 Finance, Banking, and Investments firms made 81 offers, 23 IT Software/Services/Security made 49 offers, 19 E-commerce/Payments/Telecom firms made 49 offers, 16 Manufacturing/Construction/Energy/Infrastructure made 36 offers, among other sectors.