Masai School, a career-focused alternative education start-up has acquired Design Shift Academy, a Bengaluru-based design institute. The acquisition will help strengthen Masai School’s existing coding-centric curriculum by introducing comprehensive learning programs on UI/UX Design and Product Management. The start-up currently offers programs in Full Stack Web and Android Development,

Founded with the ideology that “institutes should be equal stakeholders in student outcomes”, Masai School’s vision is to be able to help young professionals launch their careers in a field of their choice, irrespective of what background they come from. Through the Income Share Agreement (ISA) model , the start-up offers learners the ‘Study now, Pay later’ option, democratising access to quality education and closed its Series-A round of funding at $5 million in March.

Prateek Shukla, co-founder and CEO, Masai School, said: “We are happy to collaborate with Design Shift, who will bring to Masai School the expertise and knowledge of the UI/UX design space, and in turn help create holistic learning programs. The collaboration between software professionals and designers in tech and IT companies is a streamlined process, however it is largely fragmented at the moment.”

“There is a growing need for coders, be it front-end or back-end, to understand how UI and UX design works, and drive products in the right direction. We look forward to making design education a multidisciplinary aspect through this acquisition,” said Shukla.