Gujarat has topped in the installations of solar rooftop systems in the country with 735.18 megawatt (Mw) of solar power generation capacities, the State informed. The State holds about one-fourth or 24 per cent share in the country's total solar rooftop installations of 3088.74 Mw as on August 31.

Gujarat energy minister Saurabh Patel informed the State assembly, so far 1,03,554 households have installed solar rooftop systems, of which 93,282 solar rooftop systems have now been made operational.

State government had launched 'Surya Gujarat' solar rooftop scheme to encourage installation of green energy generation technology.

Patel informed that the State government has received total 1.28 lakh applications for solar rooftop systems, of which 1.03 lakh residential users have installed solar rooftop systems.

The scheme provides 40 per cent subsidy for upto 3 kilowatts of solar rooftop installation projects, while for projects between the capacity of 3-10 kw gets 20 per cent subsidy. Patel stated that a consumer is required to pay ₹83,407 for installation of 3kw solar rooftop system, considering the 40 per cent subsidy on standard cost of ₹1.39 lakh for installation of 3 kw solar rooftop system.

The scheme also allows domestic users to sell the excess electricity generated after the consumption to the State grid at the price of ₹2.25 per unit.

Common utilities at the residential societies such as street lights, water works, lift, gym, swimming pool, garden can get 20 per cent subsidy to set up solar rooftop systems. Maximum permitted capacity for solar rooftop systems is 500 kw.

The State has set a target of 1800 mw of electricity generation in the next three years under the scheme. For the first 600 mw, a budgetary allocation of ₹1,000 crore has been made for the year 2019-20, while for the year 2020-21 a target of additional 600 mw has been set with a budgetary allocation of ₹912.29 crore, the minister said addressing the State assembly on Friday.