The BJP responded to the Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s allegations against the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “criminal” interference in the CBI, saying he is “manufacturing lies” in his desperation to win elections.

Addressing a press conference at the party headquarters, Union Minister Prakash Javdekar said Gandhi’s accusing the PM of manipulating the CBI is “like the pot calling the kettle black”. The Union Minister said the Congress president was “hallucinating” and mounting a “totally slanderous campaign” against the PM.

“Every citizen of India knows that it was the Congress that misused the CBI to suppress its own scams and target political opponents. Now that the Congress has lost all hopes of becoming relevant, they are manufacturing controversies to oust Modiji. They have lost patience. In their dreams also, they are thinking of Rafale. Rahulji is hallucinating. He is manufacturing lies,” said Javdekar.

Javdekar said that the Congress president’s assertion that the CBI Director was removed because he was going to start an enquiry into the Rafale deal was a “total falsehood”.

“First of all, the CBI Director was not removed. He and his number 2 have been sent on leave. The second falsehood is that he (CBI Director) was enquiring about Rafale. There is no enquiry. He (Rahul Gandhi) says papers were removed from his (CBI Director’s) office. This is utterly false. Malicious lies are being spread,” said the Minister.