The Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Coimbatore (ICCIC) has resolved to represent to the district administration, Coimbatore corporation and the Ministry of Environment and Forestry the need for establishing cost-effective sewage treatment plants to prevent ground water contamination, periodic de-silting of water bodies and stringent monitoring of unlicensed water bottling plants.

At the 82nd AGM of the Chamber, the trade and industry body stressed the need to preserve and protect water resources such as reservoirs, tanks, lakes and rivers on a war-footing.

“Most of the water bodies are in appalling condition due to mismanagement and neglect and the main cause for pollution of ground water is discharge of sewage into water bodies and rivers.

“The huge build-up of silt in the Siruvani reservoir is because it has not been removed since the dam was constructed and this, in turn, has led to a significant reduction in its storage capacity.

“The Noyyal river has been reduced to a trickle on account of silting in the feeder streams and encroachments. The PWD should undertake a survey of the streams on Noyyal,” the Chamber release said, highlighting the apathy of water bodies in the region.

On the Centre’s direction to the Kerala government for an assessment on the possibility of building a dam across the Siruvani, the industry body noted that this should not be done without the opinion and involvement of the Tamil Nadu government.

Besides pushing for a greener Coimbatore, the Chamber has also resolved to take up concerns, including strengthening of rail connectivity, speedy implementation of the airport expansion programme, better road connectivity, a mass rapid transit system and implementation of the revised Master Plan for Coimbatore.