Opening with her current popular number ‘Happy Pills’ and signing off with the global hit ‘Come away with me’, Norah Jones filled the Delhi audience’s every wish belting out a mix of old and new songs at her maiden performance in the city.

“I’m very excited to be here. This is only my second performance in India. Thanks for having us,” she said to the audience at the Siri Fort auditorium last night.

The 33-year-old daughter of sitar legend Ravi Shankar is on her first three-city tour in India and has performed in Mumbai already.

The nine-time Grammy winner deftly moved from keyboards to guitar and to the piano, playing each with elan as she presented a variety of songs from her kitty.

Large origami cranes fitted with special lighting hanging from the stage ceiling changed colours to match the various moods Norah created with her deep voice singing her jazz and blues numbers.

“I’m going to sing a few songs from my latest album,” she said, and went on to croon ‘Take it back’, ‘Say Goodbye’, ‘Out on th Road’ and the title track from her album ‘Little Broken Hearts’.

As screams of ‘Norah we love you’ and requests for ‘Come away with me’ and ‘Sunrise’ kept pouring in from the audience, a surprised Norah said, “You just keep shouting nice things at us! Well, we’ll get there.”

Norah did oblige by performing her hit numbers. She took to the piano to sing her three-time Grammy winning song ‘Don’t Know Why’, as well as the haunting new number ‘Miriam’ from her latest album.

Each song she began was met with whistles and loud applause as she ended it.

“I grew up in Texas, it is a lot like India. It’s big and hot,” she said.

She also sang ‘Chasing Pirates’, ‘Sunrise’, before ending with ‘Come away with me’.

“Thank you so much for having us. It’s been really special to be here,” she said at the end of her 90-minute show.

Norah is set to play one more gig in Delhi tonight before flying to Bangalore to play at the Manpho Convention Centre on March 8.