The Kerala police has registered a case against the Anupam Mishra, sub-collector of Kollam, for skipping the mandatory Covid-19 quarantine after returning from abroad.

The police said that they would act against his gunman on the charge of suppression of information about Mishra, a 2016 batch IAS officer belonging to Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

The gunman will be spared if he is willing to go into quarantine himself. The State government has taken the misadventure on the part of the sub-collector seriously, an official spokesman said.

It is learnt that Mishra had returned to Kollam on March 18 after travelling to multiple countries on honeymoon. He had gone into quarantine from the very next day as advised by B Abdul Nasser, District Collector.

When health officials went to the sub-collector to call on him on Thursday and enquire about his health status, he was found missing. The gunman did not know the whereabouts of his boss either.

On being informed, the District Collector called Mishra on his number to be told by the latter that he was in Bengaluru. But the tower location indicated that he was speaking from his hometown in Sultanpur.

The District Collector promptly conveyed the severe lapse of Mishra's conduct to authorities in the State government, including the Chief Secretary.

This is the most high-profile among a series of jumping of the quarantine being reported during the last month and recently as the last few days, and who are feared to have fuelled a spurt in infections in Kerala.

A family returning home from Italy to Pathanamthitta earlier in February had refused to be quarantined and went visiting family, friends, and ventured out into the public spaces. Similar cases were reported from Kasaragod and Palakkad in the last couple of days with errant travellers from Dubai.