According to a study carried out by researchers in the US, severe Covid-19 infection the first time around may be followed by milder symptoms the second time.

The study, published in the journal BMJ Case Reports , noted a few conditions that can amplify the chances of reinfection in people. These include:


Many studies have shown that the coronavirus has a debilitating effect on diabetic patients. Now, the new study also suggested that diabetic people are more prone to be reinfected.

Covid-19 reinfection most common in young, healthy people: Study

Thyroid issues

Thyroid issues exacerbate Covid-19 symptoms and make an individual prone to coronavirus reinfection.


Previous studies have demonstrated that obese people are more susceptible to coronavirus infection and can get more pronounced symptoms. Obesity can also increase the chance of getting infected by coronavirus again.

Covid-19: Recovered patients’ immunity evolves to fight reinfection, new variants, says study


According to the researchers, immune responses tend to decline with age, making the elderly more susceptible to coronavirus re-infection.

Chronic respiratory diseases

Primarily a respiratory disease, coronavirus attacks respiratory organs, thus making chronic respiratory diseases patients more vulnerable to reinfection.

According to experts cited in the HealthSite report, a person suffering from coronavirus re-infection may experience difficulty in breathing, unexplained muscle pain, and a high-pitched wheeze caused by disrupted airflow.