Obama announces $155 million humanitarian aid to Syria

PTI | | Updated on: Jan 31, 2013

US President Barack Obama today announced an additional $155 million in humanitarian aid for the Syrian people and stressed that Assad regime will come to an end.

With this announcement of humanitarian aid to Syria, the total US assistance so far has reached $365 million.

“This new aid will mean more warm clothing for children and medicine for the elderly, flour and wheat for your families and blankets, boots and stoves for those huddled in damaged buildings. It will mean health care for victims of sexual violence and field hospitals for the wounded,” Obama said in a video message for the Syrian people.

“Even as we work to end the violence against you, this aid will help address some of the immediate needs you face each day,” Obama said.

Acknowledging that the days ahead will continue to be very difficult, Obama exuded confidence that the days of the Assad regime are now numbered.

“What’s clear is that the regime continues to weaken and lose control of territory. The opposition continues to grow stronger. More Syrians are standing up for their dignity.

The Assad regime will come to an end. The Syrian people will have their chance to forge their own future. And they will continue to find a partner in the United States of America,” Obama said.

“In the face of this barbarism, the US has joined with nations around the world in calling for an end to the Assad regime and a transition that leads to a peaceful, inclusive and democratic Syria, where the rights of all Syrians are protected,” Obama said.

“We’ve worked to isolate Assad and his regime; impose sanctions that starve the regime of funds, recognise the Syrian Opposition Coalition as the legitimate representative of the Syrian people, call for accountability for perpetrators of atrocities, and provide humanitarian relief to Syrians in need,” Obama said.

“The relief we send doesn’t say ‘Made in America’,” Obama said, adding, but make no mistake, “our aid reflects the commitment of the American people.”

“American aid means food and clean water for millions of Syrians. American aid means medicine and treatment for hundreds of thousands of patients in Damascus, Dar’a and Homs.

“It means immunisations for one million Syrian children,” Obama said.

“American aid means winter supplies for more than half a million people in Aleppo, Homs and Dayr az Zawr. And we’re working with allies and partners so that this aid reaches those in need,” Obama added.

Published on January 30, 2013
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