IFMR Graduate School of Business (GSB) at Krea University has launched a five-year BBA Integrated MBA Programme for the academic year 2023, says a press release. 

 The new programme helps prepare a new generation of young leaders for the world of business and entrepreneurship. It is designed to build the knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes required for leadership roles. 

The fully residential course is hosted at its campus in the integrated business city, Sri City in Andhra Pradesh, 70 km from Chennai. 

This degree programme is meant for students completing class XII aspiring to join their family business or become entrepreneurs, business journalists, or professional managers.  

At the launch of the new programme, Prof Lakshmi Kumar, Dean of IFMR GSB Krea University, said, “We have curated the programme in line with the Government of India’s New Education Policy (NEP). Each year’s curriculum is self-contained, and each successive unit moves the student up on the employability scale. With our emphasis on acquiring practical skills, our programme is closer to the German  Fachhochschule than a conventional University degree (where the emphasis is mostly on knowledge). Across the world, MBA programmes are designed for the top one percentile and tend to be high-speed roller coasters with little opportunity to mull or ponder. Our BBA Integrated MBA will overcome this gap, using the first three years (BBA) to explore the context of the business enterprise so that our students are well prepared to learn the content of business functions in two years of the MBA.” 

Students will be selected through their scores on the Krea Aptitude Test, and personal interviews conducted online. The Krea Aptitude Test comprises four sections: Logical Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Ability, Critical Analysis, and Essay Writing. This step helps the institution gauge students’ abilities to organise, synthesise, and articulate thoughts on various aspects of a given topic and understand the well-rounded perspectives of the aspirant. 

Willingness and ability to stay engaged and exert oneself across diverse subjects, classes, workshops, physical training, sports, and extra-curricular activities while demonstrating self-discipline of a high order are the prerequisites IFMR GSB seeks in the applicants, says the release. 

The programe’s first batch beginning in 2023, is limited to a maximum of 60 students.