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Our Bureaus | Updated on January 23, 2018 Published on May 17, 2015

Euphoria In the rank and file

Think local, compete global

While Andhra chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu and Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhara Rao have been engaged in an unrelenting slugfest over issues such as water, electricity and education, their sons — N Lokesh and KT Rama Rao respectively – have been in the US, fiercely wooing investors. With the two governments set to complete a year in office in June, there is immense pressure on them to turn at least a fraction of their tall pre-election promises into reality. You can’t say they’re not trying.

One for the road

The sleepy village of Jawanga in Naxal-infested Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh woke up to hectic activity a day before Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled a series of development projects in the State. A mock drill on the flow of the Prime Minister’s convoy led to traffic being halted for more than one hour. A curious farmer sitting on top of his tractor asked this visiting journalist, “ Sheher me yeh jan sevak ko kaise sehen karte hain?” (How do people tolerate these public servants in the city?) That’s a billion dollar question!

AIDMK’s pride, others’ envy

The hysterical joy and support that AIADMK workers exhibited following the acquittal of their ‘Amma’ in a corruption case last week was cause for envy and grudging admiration among opposition parties. A senior spokesperson of a national party acknowledged: “That is the hallmark of the AIADMK” — unflagging support on the ground. Sadly missing in other parties.

Pretty irrational

At a recent meeting of DMK party leaders, one the dashboard ornaments in the vehicles politicians arrived in, were curious to say the least. Apart from the mandatory portrait of their party leader, almost every SUV and luxury sedan sported a figurine of a god, goddess or swamiji. Incongruous, considering the party was founded on the philosophy of rationalism.

Hair-splitting business

The barbers’ association in Kerala, which recently decided to move the weekly holiday to Sunday from the Tuesday, has split — over this issue. The rebels, who want to continue with the tradition because Sunday brings in more business, have floated a new association named the Kerala Beauty Parlour and Salons Association. Clearly, the beauty business is overwhelming the staid old barber’s shop.

What’s app, doc?

Mobile apps are bringing in sweeping changes even in the way doctors render diagnosis and care. At a popular event in Bengaluru, a reputed neurosurgeon said he had started a Whatsapp group for doctors, which helped him and his peers share medical images of patients. This helped to connect quickly with other doctors to mutually benefit from collective years of experience to diagnose patients’ problems and prescribe suitable courses of medication.

Sole Indian engineer

The AMG centre in Affalterbach, Germany, is where engines for the high performance brand from the Mercedes stable are crafted. The engineer who crafts the engine then signs off on a small plaque which is then prominently embedded on the engine, immortalising the creator.

The team of 150-odd engineers includes a dozen or so women and one Indian. So next time, look for the signature. It could have a desi flourish.

In a jam? Have bread and butter

A popular FM radio channel has launched a new campaign by which those caught in traffic jams — and there are many in Bengaluru — will be provided bread and butter, ostensibly to prevent road rage. This apparently has the support of the traffic police. Whether it will keep them calm we don’t know, but for those who skip breakfast, it’s certainly a treat. Now, for some steaming coffee.

Published on May 17, 2015
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