Playing spoilsport

Apropos ‘What it takes to win’ ( Business Line, August 13), while it is right that a strong and focused approach is required to build medal-winning teams, along with economic well being, there are notable exceptions to this rule.

Many of the achievers are players from low-income backgrounds and have struggled to get access to good coaching. Only when they prove themselves are such resources showered upon them.

If one Gopichand academy for badminton can make such a big difference, it is very clear that we would not struggle for medals if there were more such academies in place. Whereas the sports establishment concentrated on hockey, the outcome was dismal. With one good academy, we gave quite a run to the supposedly unbeatable Chinese.

Individual sportsmen must be provided the best of coaches and training. These facilities, and especially the funding to such sportspersons, are at present limited to those who win medals. A proactive approach will help more players fulfil their dreams.

Vinay Singhal


Basic identity

The report, ‘SEBI allows Aadhaar letter as address proof’ ( Business Line, August 14) indicates recognition to Aadhaar, though the related Bill is not yet passed by Parliament.

As the document is issued by UIA, a government body, its propriety or authority need not come under a shadow. But the government should table the Bill in Parliament at an early date for passage after fruitful debate.

The authorities should take necessary steps to include Aadhaar as a document for opening bank accounts as well as for submission of PAN applications.

Aadhaar could be assigned the same status as that of a voter’s identity card, as both serve very similar purposes. Inclusion of more documents for identification should bring relief to the people at large.

C P Velayudhan Nair


Published on August 14, 2012


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