Ayyappa Nagubandi, Co-Founder of Possibillion Technologies, says if the internet wasn’t around, he’d probably be doing something else.

“Most of the ideas that I’ve done are internet-based — some on mobile, some on social media — but I’d say the connection is the internet. We couldn’t develop those products without the internet. So, the influence has been huge,” he acknowledges.

Nagubandi says he uses social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to generate prospective business leads. He cites the example of an author who tweeted that he was waiting in a queue for over an hour to get a hotel room in Las Vegas.

“Within a couple of seconds, he got a message from another hotel in the vicinity saying sorry about his experience,” gushes Nagubandi, asserting that while such social media monitoring tools don’t directly give you leads, they identify potential customers for your business.