After the introduction of the Audi e-tron in 2018 and sales of 150,000 units, the German brand has been following a systematic electric roadmap. Its electric portfolio now has eight models, and by 2026, that will be more than 20. Audi will only be releasing fully electric models by then.

The latest electric model to join the lineup is the Q8 e-tron. The Audi Q8 e-tron will be the top model among its electric SUVs and crossovers. The new Audi Q8 e-tron and Q8 Sportback e-tron sport new front and rear designs with the characteristic Singleframe mask, inverted grille, and blade above the redesigned rear diffuser, which systematically carry Audi’s electric design language forward. An exclusive highlight on the edition S line package is the Singleframe grille, which is finished in body colour. To elevate the family logo as a central element, Audi highlights the vehicle’s face with the projection light Singleframe. Additionally, the Q8 e-tron is the first model to feature the new model badge with Audi lettering on the B-pillar.


For both body shapes, three drivetrain variants with electric all-wheel drive can be selected. With their two motors, the base models of the Audi Q8 50 e-tron and the Audi Q8 Sportback 50 e-tron generate 250 kW in boost mode and 664 Nm of torque, and they get a range of up to 491 km (SUV) and up to 505 km (Sportback), in accordance with the WLTP. With their two motors, the Audi Q8 55 e-tron and Audi Q8 Sportback 55 e-tron generate 300 kW in boost mode and 664 Nm of torque. Their ranges are up to 582 km for the SUV and up to 600 km for the Sportback, in the WLTP cycle. Their top speed, and that of the Q8 50 e-tron, is limited to 200 kmph. The top-end Audi SQ8 e-tron and Audi SQ8 Sportback e-tron are powered by three motors. Their boost performance amounts to 370 kW and 973 Nm of torque. The range of the S models is up to 494 km for the SUV and up to 513 km for the Sportback. Their top speed is limited to 210 kmph.

Two battery sizes can be selected. The battery of the Q8 50 e-tron has a storage capacity of 89 kWh (net), while the more powerful versions of the Q8 55 e-tron and SQ8 e-tron have 106 kWh (net). Thanks to an adjustment to the battery management system, the battery capacity usable for customers has also increased . At a high-powered charging station, the Audi Q8 50 e-tron reaches a maximum charging performance of 150 kW. With the Q8 55 e-tron and SQ8 e-tron, the maximum charging performance increases to up to 170 kW.

The big battery can be charged from 10 to 80 per cent during a roughly 31-minute charging stop – under ideal conditions, this corresponds to a range of up to 420 kilometers (according to WLTP). At an AC charging station or wallbox, the Audi Q8 e-tron charges at up to 11 kW. Audi offers an optional 22 kW AC charging unit. Under ideal conditions, the Audi Q8 50 e-tron can be completely charged in around nine hours and 15 minutes (22 kW: around four hours and 45 minutes) using alternating current. The big battery’s numbers are around 11 hours and 30 minutes at 11 kW and six hours at 22 kW. 


The new Audi Q8 e-tron comes standard with an air-spring suspension with controlled shock absorption. The height of the car body can be varied by a total of 76 millimeters, depending on the driving situation. To optimize the lateral dynamics of the vehicle, its air-spring tuning was adjusted. Moreover, its electronic stability control (ESC) will allow for even more maneuverability in the future – especially in tight corners. The Audi Q8 e-tron handles these with noticeably higher agility thanks to its revised progressive steering.

There are around 40 driver assistance systems available in the Audi Q8 e-tron

There are around 40 driver assistance systems available in the Audi Q8 e-tron

There are around 40 driver assistance systems available in the Audi Q8 e-tron. Up to five radar sensors, five cameras, and 12 ultrasonic sensors provide environmental information that’s then analyzed by the central driver assistance control unit. Something new is remote park assist plus, which will be available to order starting in 2023. With its help, the Audi Q8 e-tron can maneuver into even the tightest parking spaces. Customers can control the parking procedure through the myAudi app on their smartphones.

Launch countdown

The market launch of the new Audi Q8 e-tron and Audi Q8 Sportback e-tron, which will be available to order starting in mid-November, is planned for the end of February 2023 in Germany and the most important European markets. The India launch of the Q8 e-tron is likely to be in the summer of 2023.