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Deceleration parachute: A parachute attached to a craft and deployed to slow the craft, especially during landing. Also called a brake parachute , drogue parachute, parabrake.

2. Any of various types of parachutes attached to high-performance aircraft that can be deployed, usually during landings, to decrease speed and also, under certain flight conditions, to control and stabilise the aircraft.

Drift: The lateral divergence from the prescribed flight path of an aircraft, a rocket, or the like, due primarily to the effect of a crosswind.

Drogue: A funnel-shaped part at the end of the hose of a tanker aircraft, used in air refuelling to drag the hose out and stabilise it and to receive the probe of the receiving aircraft.

Ducted-fan engine: An aircraft engine incorporating a fan or propeller enclosed in a duct; especially, a jet engine in which an enclosed fan or propellant is used to ingest ambient air to augment the gases of combustion in the jet stream.

The air may be taken in at the front of the engine and passed around the combustion section, or it may be taken in aft of the combustion chamber. In the former case, the ducted fan may be considered a type of bypass engine.

Published on September 04, 2019
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