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Preeta Agarwal | Updated on March 10, 2018 Published on December 16, 2015

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Glam up those woollens and balance out your furs with some diamonds. Winter sparkle doesn’t have to mean just snow!

Are the high necks, full sleeves and hats leaving no space for necklaces, bangles and chandeliers? With winter setting in, the sparkle quotient for many women tends to fade as the focus turns to layering and staying warm. But there’s always a way out! Here are two easy-to-wear high jewellery trends for winters.

Brooch best

Brooches are mostly overlooked, but this elegant form of jewellery has been famously worn by women from European royal families as well as the occasional celebrity. These charming pieces add sparkle to any simple outfit, especially winter wear. Traditionally worn on the lapels of overcoats and jackets, brooches can now be spotted on pullovers or scarves, and even on top of winter hats.

These jewelled pieces are a royal favourite because they have a unique way of expressing moods or depicting favourite objects. The elaborate floral brooches by Diacolor are studded with coloured diamonds and pearls, and have the power to enhance any look, even when worn by itself, a singular accessory on the simplest of dresses.

You could channel your nature-loving side with a rose brooch by Amrapali or the peacock-in-flight brooch by Farah Khan — two unique pieces that are fit to be conversation starters at any gathering. Butterfly, fish and insects by the Chinese prodigy Wallace Chan have captivated many hearts across the globe. His jadeite-studded cicadas and the mighty ant with pearl body are magnificent.

Winters in India are better known as wedding season, and we often end up buying jewellery that is worn once and then remains locked up forever. One such piece is the gorgeous kalgi that adorns the groom’s turban. Ever wondered how stunning these beautiful pieces of work would look on your saris, holding the pallu in place? The Ganjam kalgi is perfect for this. Just remove the delicate feathers from the back and you are set to rock that red kanjeevaram of yours!

As brooches are not everyday jewellery pieces, most can also be worn as pendants. Ganjam’s Genesis is a unique one and can be worn in several ways, pin it on your head or your scarf, or simply hang it around your neck as a pendant.

Stud your ears

You can’t leave your ears unadorned in peak winters but it may not be right for long chandeliers, jhumkis or tassels as they tend to get entangled with scarves or high necks. The best winter ear accessories are the ear studs. Available in all shapes and sizes, you can pick florals for a bright sunny day, colours to express your mood or just simple diamond solitaires as work wear.

Round enamelled ear studs from the Gustav Klimt collection by Austrian jeweller Frey Wille, and the Amrapali green and pink ear studs are perfect options for daily wear, colourful yet chic. And nothing does daywear better than a versatile piece, like the emerald flower studs by Entice that come with a detachable option. Wear just the diamond flower or club it with its emerald jacket, they offer you two very different looks.

Flowers and jewellery go a long way. From all-diamond Lotus Cluster ear studs by Harry Winston to elaborate roses by Farah Khan, there’s no dearth of floral inspiration for jewellers. Entice uses marquise and pear-shaped diamonds to make petals and leaves, while Diacolor uses pavé setting to make them more realistic; techniques and flowers types may vary but floral jewellery is always in vogue.

Weddings call for elaborate jewellery but you can play around for the countless other functions and dinners that happen before and after the wedding. Style your hair in a bun and show off a little traditional beauty like the emerald and diamond ear stud from the Ganjam’s latest Mooresque collection.

This winter, sparkle your way into parties, weddings and even at work. Brooches and ear studs work well together but remember to keep it subtle. A pair of solitaire studs and a unique three-dimensional brooch works wonders on a formal pantsuit and is all you need to be the talk of the day at your office. Style away!

Preeta Agarwal is a Delhi-based writer and photographer

Published on December 16, 2015
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