First Impressions of the Galaxy Z Flip: What should I wear with this?

Mala Bhargava | Updated on February 22, 2020 Published on February 20, 2020

Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung combines flaunt, fashion and innovation in their playful new foldable smartphone

Few people can resist showing off, and if you owned a Galaxy Z Flip, you would definitely show off. This second foldable smartphone from Samsung is a little square that is as much a fashion accessory as it is an innovative chunk of electronics.

The moment you set eyes on the Z Flip your hand will reach out for it like a kid reaching out for a shiny new toy. If you carry it about, it’s a sure fact that you’ll have a difficult time keeping everyone else’s curious paws off it as they insist on just having a look. I probably wouldn’t hand it over because it immediately picks up finger smudges, which is such a pity, given its beautiful glinting mirror finish. There are three colours, Black, Gold, and Purple. The two not-black variants just cry out to be paired with a nice outfit and, honestly, the moment I held the Purple, I found myself mentally going through my closet to think what I would wear with it. Fortunately I had to give it right back to Samsung so I didn’t have to agonise over my choices for too long.

Galaxy Z Flip is the second foldable smartphone from Samsung


When folded up, or rather, flipped shut, the symmetry is really rather satisfying. It makes the device a lovely size to nestle in the palm or drop into a strong pocket. But I would definitely be careful dropping it into a crowded handbag as I tend to do with my own phones because the body will surely pick up scratches to its shiny reflective surface.

There will obviously be special cases for the Z Flip and one will need to consider using these as the device is also quite slippery, in addition to being easily smudged. A case will paradoxically smother all that one wants to show off. Other than that, it feels very nice in the hand.

On the front of the closed Z Flip you’ll see — apart from your own face reflecting back at you — some cameras, and a tiny screen. You can actually take a selfie and see yourself in that little screen but that won’t be enough for selfie-addicts so it will be better to flip open the phone for that. It’s easy enough to prise open the top and there’s even a flick action that does it but I wouldn’t risk it. The ‘Hide-away Hinge’ Samsung uses for this device actually can’t be seen, but the crease between the two halves of the phone can. Anyone interested in using this device will just have to forget about that crease since the technology hasn’t developed so far as to make the screen totally seamless yet foldable.


Galaxy Z Flip


Flip to split

The top half of the Z Flip opens up into the Flip Mode, which means you can tilt the top at any degree of incline. The screen splits into two software-wise, which is one of the most fascinating aspects of this device. You can then use it to see media on the top half and interact on the bottom half, where the controls are now separated. So, in a Duo call, you can see your caller on top and use the lower part to take or end the call. Some apps such as the cameras, YouTube, the photo gallery will allow this. For the rest, you can also just open up two separate apps using the side slide-out panel that’s common on Samsung phones. In face even the slide out menu bends down the middle when the phone is in this mode. It’s almost like setting down the phone on a table like a notebook and typing below while looking on top. How practical users will find this is another matter, but it’s innovative.

When opened up fully, the Z Flip behaves like a regular Android phone with a 6.7-inch screen and a layout and interface that’s quite familiar. It’s not a one-handed use phone because it’s fairly tall this way, but it’s too expensive to be used that dangerously, in my opinion.

All the specs on the Z Flip are top notch. It uses the Snapdragon 855+. It has everything else you’d expect from a flagship device including pretty good Samsung cameras — but no telephoto lens.

Samsung thinks the Z Flip will do even better than the Galaxy Fold, which saw high demand and kept running out on the shelves. Being that irresistible, we think it might, but users still have to be careful with this device because the foldable glass, used for the first time on a phone, is thin and covered with a protective synthetic layer that won’t stand the usual abuse.

You can pre-book Galaxy Z Flip on the Samsung e-shop and select retail stores starting February 21. Deliveries for pre-booked consumers start on February 26. The Galaxy Z Flip will be available for consumers in India at ₹1,09,999.

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Published on February 20, 2020
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