All right, so the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be unveiled on August 9, and fans wait with bated breath to see what new features it will get. The internet grapevine has been abuzz with all sorts of rumours and leaks about the device. The Note series from Samsung has a cult following despite its size and the Note 7 debacle because of the wide range of functions it offers and because it has traditionally been a top performer. Here is a round-up of what the internet says about its specs and features.

Big on space

Rumours say that the phone will come with 6 GB of RAM with two storage options — 128 GB and a massive 512 GB. The screen is touted to be large, as usual, at 6.4-inches with an AMOLED display. The cameras are rumoured to be a 12 MP + 12 MP dual primary set with an 8 MP selfie shooter. The rear set-up is expected to have the same variable aperture and super slow motion video capture that come in its siblings, the S9 phones. While there was talk of the phone getting an under-the-screen fingerprint sensor, it doesn’t look likely, as leaked images show a sensor on the back below the camera set-up.


Since Android P will roll out to Google devices and Android One devices before anything else, the Note 9 will in all probability run on Android Oreo 8.1, with Samsung’s own interface on top. The camera is also said to get some AI features, something that is the current raging fad in smartphones. According to reports, one such AI feature is said to be a speech bubble that pops up and indicates image errors like blurs, shaking hands, closed or blinking eyes, etc.

Pen power

The biggest rumours have been about the USP of the Note series — the S Pen. The new S Pen is rumoured to have Bluetooth connectivity and a battery life of 30 minutes, which could see it function as a camera clicker, timer. Some rumours also suggest that it could have music controls and can be used as a remote to make presentations. Samsung may also sell the S Pen as a standalone product, some reports suggest. If these new features are indeed true, fans are sure to be delighted as they have been crying out for Samsung to add to the S Pen’s functionality.

What makes the launch of the Note 9 all the more interesting is speculation that it could well be the last phone of the Note series and that the series could be merged with the S line-up with the launch of the Galaxy S10. While not confirmed, it’s worthy to remember that the recent Note phones have taken cues from the S series rather than usher in new features first themselves, examples being the Infinity display and new camera tech and features.

Of course, no leaks or speculations are complete without hazarding a guess at the price. The Galaxy Note 9 is said to be priced at $980 (around ₹67,000) for the 128 GB version and around $1,200 (around ₹82,000) for the 512 GB version.