Stop thief! Simple steps to guard against mobile theft

Mirza Mohammed Ali Khan | Updated on April 12, 2018

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Ignoring the most obvious precautionary measures can cost you dearly

It’s a balmy summer night and you’re out on the road, earphones plugged in, listening to music as you wait for your cab; checking its progress on your phone. Suddenly, the screech of motorcycle tyres startles you and you look up to see two thugs slow down right in front, snatch your mobile out of your hand, and speed away.

In a split second, your world feels like its crashing around you. The smartphone, which has all your information, right from banking to stock portfolios and messaging, social media, mobile wallets, mails, is now gone.

This is the stuff of nightmares, but it has come true for a lot of people, unfortunately. Mobile thefts, especially by bike-riding thieves, have become commonplace and there’s little one can do once the mobile is gone, apart from lodging a police complaint and hoping for the best.

Fortunately, not everyone needs to learn the hard way, and there are some simple, yet vital precautions that can be taken to keep your mobile phone safe from theft or snatching. This list might seem obvious, but it’s by forgetting the most obvious of precautions that we fall prey to such incidents.

Avoid road use

Not true just for vehicles (where you should not use it when driving or riding at all costs), but also when you’re a pedestrian. Most smartphones these days are large and maintaining a firm grip on them when you’re walking or otherwise engrossed may not always be possible, thus making it easy game for anybody on a vehicle to snatch it out of your hand or even while it’s next to your ear. If it’s an important call, consider getting into a store, tea shop or a restaurant to attend it. And yes, contrary to popular belief, replies to emails and messages can wait, too.

Back pocket’s a no go

It isn’t just wallets that can go missing from them in a crowded street or a busy train or bus. Unwittingly putting your mobile phone in your back pocket is careless and makes it a ripe opportunity for anybody looking to steal it. Front pockets are advisable, obviously, but the best thing would be to put it securely in your bag when moving in crowded areas

Avoid front zippers on bags

While we are on bags, putting it away in the main compartment is a good idea, and using the ones on the front that are guarded by horizontal single zippers is definitely not. It’s quite easy for a seasoned thief to unzip one of those and slip your phone or other belongings out. Not just that, I’ve had friends tell me about their bags being cut open and mobile phones stolen, so in addition, slinging your bag in front rather than your back is also advisable when travelling.

Don’t leave it unattended

Saving the easiest one for the last. DO NOT leave it on store counters when shopping or bar counters when at a pub or watering hole. It could vanish in the second that you look away from there.

A mobile isn’t just a tool to take calls any more. It has most of your work and personal information and recovering, safeguarding all of that in the event of a theft can be an arduous task. Such simple measures could well help prevent such a situation.



Published on April 11, 2018

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