From literature to business, it’s been a culture shift but I am enjoying every minute of it. I survive on my sense of humour. Love Wodehouse, westerns, crime thrillers, and a good laugh with family and friends.

Mythili Rajkumar

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Driven by kindness

Chennai autorickshaw drivers, generally a reviled lot, showed during the recent rains that they could be different »

Walk into my parlour...

It’s one of those places where you go all primed to spend just what you intend to, exactly the way you want to. Alas, resolutions in the beauty parlour don’t harden like face mask but melt like wa... »

Happy Birthday, Madras

Madrasa suthi pakka poren...marinavil veedu katta poren.. If you are struggling to read these Tamil words in English, well, you could say that's Madras: Easy things made difficult and difficult thing... »

Gripe corner

The other night, with an early morning train to catch the next day, I dashed into a leading retail store in T Nagar. It wasn’t an unearthly hour – 9.25 p.m. or so. I found what my aunt, whom I was vi... »

Bond with the best

Right at the end of GN Chetty road in Chennai, just before it meets up with Mount Road, if you were to look up at the hoarding there, it would surely leave you smiling – Wow, James Bond, you’d say, a... »

Sweet summer sweat

Mythili Rajkumar recalls a time when Chennai summers meant much more than power cuts and water shortages. »

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