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On June 10, 1829, the first-ever Oxford Cambridge Boat race was held on the Thames in London, which Oxford duly won. This week’s quiz theme is racing.

Racy facts

1. In which specific form of racing would you come across variations named the Madison, the Keirin and the Marymoor Crawl?

2. Around the third century AD, which form of racing, with the Blues and the Greens being the two most popular teams, attracted a huge following among Romans, with instances of fans even committing suicide when their teams lost?

3. The Dakar Rally was an annual event and one of the most famous races in motor sport. The original race was held between Paris and Dakar. But since 2009, where is the Dakar Rally held?

4. The Schneider trophy was an annual race held to identify the fastest seaplane. The British plane that won three of the races in the late 1920s and early ’30s was designed by a certain RJ Mitchell. What did he go on to design based on his experience with the Schneider seaplane?

5. What specific achievement connects the following athletes? And which is the only other person qualified to join this list? Archie Hahn, Ralph Craig, Percy Williams, Jesse Owens, Bobby Morrow, Valery Borzov and Carl Lewis.

6. What race were Norwegian Roald Amundsen and Englishman Robert Falcon Scott both attempting to win in late 1911?

7. Which iconic Indian sporting event is annually held on the second Saturday of August at the Punnamada lake?

8. Before starting his own racing team and manufacturing unit after the Second World War II, Enzo Ferrari was the racing director of which legendary organisation controlling more than 30 drivers.

9. In the 6th-century BC, the Heraean Games were first staged featuring a series of racing events. Who were the participants at these games?

10. Richard Stanley (_____) was a former pilot and champion jockey who rode for the Queen Mother in the 1956 Grand National. However, he is better known for what he did after ending his racing career. How do we better know Richard Stanley?


1. These are all forms of cycle racing. The Marymoor crawl actually rewards the cyclist who manages to cross last

2. Chariot racing. The Reds and Whites were originally the strongest teams but were later supplanted by the Blues and Greens

3. In South America! This year’s rally started at Asuncion in Paraguay and traversed five South American nations before ending in Argentina

4 The Supermarine Spitfire, the most iconic British fighter in World War II

5. Male athletes to have won both the 100m and 200m sprint in the same Olympics. Usain Bolt has done the double in 2008, 2012 and 2016

6. The race to reach the South Pole. Scott finally reached in January 1912 only to find that Amundsen had beaten him by five weeks

7. The Nehru Trophy Boat race featuring the famous chundan vallam snake boats of Kerala. Each boat is between 100 – 120 feet long and has around a 100 rowers

8. Alfa Romeo

9. The Heraean Games were exclusively for women. They were named after goddess Hera

10. As Dick Francis, who wrote over 40 international bestsellers set around horse racing

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Published on June 09, 2017
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