63 Moons technologies, a leader in user-friendly digital financial platforms with price discovery and transaction efficiencies across industry segments, has tied up with Italy-based Spuma SRL, with its next-generation technology capabilities and solutions to create a Digital Market ecosystem for revitalised goods in the pan-Europe.

The multi-million euro project will be one of the biggest production PoC (proof of concept) establishing trust and traceability, at par with smart-chain technology, said the company in a statement on Tuesday.

Innovative model

Spuma SRL will leverage 63 Moons' expertise on real-time mission critical solutions, usingthe latest technology suite. 63 Moons will offer SaaS (Software as a Service) model with earnings by way of share in revenue by transaction charges and services earned by the digital ecosystem which is the innovative model of 63 Moons for high-growth IP monetisation given similar to Indian exchanges.

63 Moons will evaluate global giants in cloud computing services such as Amazon’s AWS, Microsoft’s Azure and Google cloud for deploying the technology.

63 Moons Technologies will provide exclusive perpetual technology licence and support partner for the production, installation and maintenance of the software for the entire project The operational functions will be carried out by Spuma SRL, a company specialised in scientific, technical and commercial development of engineering, industrialisation, strategic and marketing use of circular economy.

Spuma SRL will offer its services initially from Italy, followed by extending to all the European Union countries (by way of proposed capital participation by the respective government agencies) and users of the platform, it said.

Both companies aim to accelerate business process transformation leveraging digital procurement platforms for the local and global needs, as part of their commitment to giving mission-critical technology to disrupt and solve inefficiencies in the eco-system.

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