Forescout Technologies Inc., a US-based firm that offers automated cybersecurity solutions, has launched Forescout XDR, which helps enterprises detect, investigate, and respond better a broad range of advanced threats.

“The value of an XDR solution lies in its ability to ingest telemetry and data from across the entire enterprise – cloud, campus, remote, and data centre environments, and every managed and unmanaged connected device,” Justin Foster, Chief Technology Officer, Forescout, said.

He said a typical SOC (Security Operations Centre) of an organisation gets 450 alerts an hour and analysts spend much time trying to correlate low fidelity alerts and chasing false positives, often at the expense of focusing on legitimate attacks.

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“Also, SOCs exclude critical devices that are increasingly common points of attack, including operational technology (OT), industrial control systems (ICS), building management systems (BMS), and medical and IoT devices,” the company said on Tuesday.

By applying the advanced application of data science and automation, Forescout XDR generates one high-fidelity alert that truly warrants analyst investigation from every 50 million logs ingested an hour.

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The company said the solution is offered on a SaaS (software-as-a-service) model, with the licensing fee based on the total number of endpoints in an enterprise.