Miscommunication between employees with their IT team could lead to cybersecurity incidents in their oganisations.

According to a study, majority of top-tier managers in India have admitted that such miscommunication had resulted in at least one cybersecurity incident in their organisations.

The survey was conducted in 25 countries where over 6,000 respondents from IT and non-IT departments were convered.

“The majority of non-IT executives said that there is a diminished sense of cooperation between different teams,” the report released by cybersecurity solutions company, Kaspersky said.

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The survey was conducted to determine how much mutual understanding between executives and information security teams would affect a company’s cyber resilience.

Almost all of the non-IT respondents said they experienced miscommunications regarding IT security.

Consequences include delays in project execution and cybersecurity incidents.

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“Clear communication between a company’s executives and IT security management is a prerequisite for corporate business security,” Alexey Vovk, Head of Information Security at Kaspersky, said.

“The Chief Information Security Officer should know the basic business language to better explain the existing risks and need for safety measures,” he said.

How to improve communication

In order to make the communication between IT security and business functions more transparent, Kaspersky felt that IT and non-IT managers should not lock themselves in a professional ‘information bubble’.

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“You must use information about the threats and security measures most relevant to your particular industry and company size to prove the probability of risks,” it said.

“Resources, such as IT Security Calculator, and reports based on experts’ observations can significantly ease this task,” it said.