Google is rolling out the beta version of Magic Compose, a new Messages feature that uses AI to help you write text messages. The feature will send up to 20 previous messages to Google’s servers to generate suggestions using RCS with end-to-end encryption (E2EE). 

Google spokesperson Justin Rende further clarified to The Verge that “conversation data used by Magic Compose is not retained” and that “suggested response outputs are not retained once they have been provided to the user.” Google would not send messages to its servers when users are not using Magic Compose.

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The feature only seems to be available with RCS messages for now, and there’s no word on when it might support SMS/MMS.

According to the tech giant, users can use the feature to reply to text messages using “stylised, suggested responses with the context of your messages.” The feature is currently rolling out to users in the Google Messages beta program.

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