Infosys announced that it has signed a seven-year strategic collaboration with Musgrave, Ireland’s leading food retail, wholesale and foodservice company.

As part of this collaboration, Infosys will help automate Musgrave’s IT operations by leveraging its industry leading AI and Cloud offerings, Infosys Topaz, an AI-first set of services, solutions and platforms using generative AI technologies, and Infosys Cobalt, a set of services, solutions and platforms for enterprises to accelerate their cloud journey.

These offerings from Infosys will enable Musgrave in transforming its IT operations, build technical expertise, and help Musgrave accelerate towards its goals of enhancing the experiences of its customers and retail partners, said the company.

Karmesh Vaswani, EVP & Global Head Retail, Consumer Goods & Logistics, Infosys, said, “We are thrilled to embark on this transformative journey with Musgrave. Through our strategic collaboration, we aim to enable Musgrave in transforming its IT operations, help enhance user experiences, and accelerate strategic initiatives. This collaboration will further strengthen our presence and propel our growth in Ireland.”

Across value chain

Through its Cognitive First framework, Infosys will aim to enable digital experiences and boost operational efficiencies by integrating artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), knowledge management, and cognitive automation capabilities to amplify enterprise intelligence across the value chain for Musgrave.

Stephen Mckenna, Chief Technology Officer, Musgrave, said, “Our collaboration with Infosys will enable us to leverage Infosys’ expertise and resources to deliver innovative solutions to all our customers and retail partners. This collaboration is a testament to that commitment. We are confident that this collaboration will result in new and exciting products and services that will benefit all our customers.”