Snowflake, a cloud computing–based data cloud company, aims to increase its enterprise customer base in India. The region as a growing economy, with a wide presence of Global Capability Centres (GCC) and startups, is a strategic market for the company, said top company executives.

The company since its entry to India has established a strong startup and digital native customer base now aims to broaden and deepen its customer base. Vijayant Rai, the newly appointed Managing Director said that the focus will increasingly be on enterprises. “Enterprises are now moving towards having data in one place, monetizing it, and then, the whole value of Gen AI will come only once you have data and structures in place,” Rai told businessline.

Rai explained that the enterprise movement of any technology adoption takes time as they have a lot more legacy, sources to integrate, skill sets, culture, and partner ecosystem, but they are slowly now turning. “The idea is to start getting deeper into domain areas, into verticals. For example, financial services, manufacturing, travel, transport, CPG, etc. We already have some use cases and Snowflake has its unique advantage of being a multi-cloud player,” he added.

In the past 12 to 18 months, there has been a notable trend among enterprises adopting cloud platforms, particularly Snowflake, for data-related purposes. Examples include Piramal Capital, Marico, and major companies in pharmaceutical, automobile airline industries. The expectation is that in the next 12 months, more enterprises will adopt Snowflake, enabling new use cases in AI/ML, data collaboration, and data monetization, noted Sanjay Deshmukh, Senior Vice President of ASEAN and India.

Deshmukh also said that Snowflake considers India a strategic market due to its position as one of the top five global economies, attracting attention and investments. Apart from domestic consumption, many GCC companies in India are Snowflake customers, influencing global outcomes. The vibrant Indian startup ecosystem, including consumer-focused giants like Swiggy and FinTech innovators, along with companies building deep-tech solutions for global markets, plays a crucial role in Snowflake’s business strategy.