RateGain Travel Technologies Ltd has introduced an enhancement to Adara’s Destination Expenditure Reports, aiming to assist Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) and tourism boards in tracking visitor spending accurately.

This upgrade enables DMOs to analyse spending patterns of visitors from over 25 origin markets and the top 25 merchants within a destination, providing insights into visitor preferences and economic impact.

The company reported that Adara’s offering in the destination marketing sector includes anonymised expenditure analysis correlated to a destination’s digital advertising efforts. By utilising these reports, DMOs can measure the effectiveness of their marketing strategies and understand visitor spending behaviours, aiding in strategic decision-making.

The reports offer measurement capabilities that allow destinations to track credit card spending across advertising partners and spending patterns across various categories like restaurants, bars, gas stations, and attractions. This data covers 195 million individuals and 40 million households in the United States alone, offering insights for destination marketers.

Destination marketers have historically had limited visibility into the conversions generated through their digital media, said Jay Wardle, President of Adara.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer these bespoke solutions to tourism marketing organizations around the globe. The insights offered through these reports will help destination marketers make more informed decisions on their marketing spend for years to come,” he said.

However, the shares were down by 2.37 per cent to ₹756 at 1.31 pm on the BSE.