Rs 48.6 lakh salary offer at IIT-Madras placements

T. E. Raja Simhan | | Updated on: Mar 12, 2018

It is a bounty for the top pick at this year’s campus recruitment at IIT Madras. The highest pay offered (in dollar) for the student to work in the US increased by 40 per cent while for the one picked to work in India the offer has nearly doubled.

The highest offer in dollar this year has increased to $210,000 a year as against last year’s $150,000. The domestic offer this year increased by nearly 70 per cent to Rs 48.6 lakh an annum against Rs 28.8 lakh last year, according to Lt Col (Retd.) Jayakumar, Deputy Registrar (Students and Placement), IIT Madras. “As a matter of policy, we do not disclose the name of the company or the candidate paying/ receiving the offers,” he said. The placement commenced on Sunday and was held in three sessions.

Samsung Electronics, Epic, Microsoft India R&D, Oracle and Google were some of the companies that visited the campus.Jayakumar said 83 offers were received till evening. Last year, there were 22 companies and by the end of the day 95 offers were made. The number of students registered for placement this year as on date was 1,366 while it was 1,282 last year, he said.

Last year, out of 333 companies registered, 221 visited the campus for recruitment. While this year, 265 companies have registered so far, he said.

Some of the companies that visited the institute last year were Boston Consulting Group, Deutsche Bank Group, Goldman Sachs, ITC Ltd, McKinsey, Google and Facebook.


Published on December 01, 2013
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