A day after exposing global human trafficking network, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has set its eye on two Russia-based agents who have been luring Indians into war with Ukraine under the garb of lucrative jobs and better education.

The CBI officials stated that Christina and Moinuddin Chippa, a resident of Rajasthan, were operating out of Russia and the agents would confiscate passports of Indians arriving in that country so that they can force them to fight along with the Russian armed forces.

Other than the two, the central investigation agency in its FIR named 17 other visa consultancy companies, their owners and agents spread across India who were allegedly part of the human trafficking network. The CBI has booked them under the Indian Penal Code for indulging in criminal conspiracy, cheating and human trafficking.

Second instance

On human trafficking case, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) said India has strongly taken up the matter with the Russian government for early discharge of such Indian nationals. “We once again appeal to Indian nationals to not be swayed by offers made by agents for support jobs with the Russian Army. This is fraught with danger and risk to life. We remain committed to the early release of our nationals serving as support staff with the Russian Army and their eventual return home,” a spokesperson of MEA told reporters after second instance of Indians being cheated to join conflict emerged.

Among entities that figure in the CBI case are - Delhi-based 24x7 RAS Overseas Foundation and its director Suyash Mukut; O S D Bros Travels and Visa Services Pvt Ltd of Mumbai and its director Rakesh Pandey; Adventure Visa Services Pvt Ltd of Chandigarh and its director Manjeet Singh; and Baba Vlogs Overseas Recruitment Solutions Pvt Ltd of Dubai and its director Faisal Abdul Mutalib Khan alias Baba.

According to the agency, the conmen would make false promises of offering jobs related to the Russian Army, security guards, and helpers, for making their lives better. Option of education was also added to trick gullible Indians to migrate after paying a huge amount.

Modus operandi

The agents here duped students by providing them admission to dubious private universities in Russia by cooking up that they would get impressive discounts in academic fees, and avail visa extensions. On reaching Russia, the Indians would be left “at the mercy” of local agents there.

The agents would force them to undergo combat training before attaching them with the armed forces to fight war against Ukraine, as per the CBI.

“They were being trained in combat roles and provided with Russian Army uniforms and batches. Thereafter, these Indian Nationals are being deployed at front bases in the Russia-Ukraine War Zone against their wishes and put their lives in grave danger,” the CBI FIR said.

The agency has found 35 instances in which youngsters were trafficked to Russia after trapping them with false promises through social media channels, local contacts and agents.