Goa to tighten regulations on mining

PTI Panaji | Updated on March 12, 2018 Published on August 14, 2012

The Goa Government has decided to implement stringent regulations on the Mining Industry in the State from August 15 onwards, with an aim to curtail unregulated and illegal mining in the state.

Directorate of Mines and Geology in its letter to the Association of Mine Owners, Exporters and Barges (ships which carry ore from jetties to the harbour) owners has asked them to adhere to the new regulations, failing which strict action is prescribed in the notification.

As per the new regulations, the mine owners will lose licence to operate, if the trucks employed by him violate the law 25 times.

“If overloading of 25 or more carrier or trucks is found from any lease area, the proposal shall be moved to the government for termination of the lease,” the notification issued by Director of Mines Prasanna Acharya reads.

Prasanna Acharya has said that since new mining season is about to begin (in September), it is important to regulate the transportation of ore so as to maintain a proper account of ore for computation of royalty and other dues payable to the Government.

The regulations, he said, is also to ensure that mining transport is regulated through respective lease holders or traders irrespective of the fact whether the transportation of ore is carried by lease holders or traders directly or otherwise.

The licence of lease holder has been threatened to be cancelled, if they do not install electronic weigh bridge with necessary software to generate transit pass or permits as specified by the Directorate.

The overloading of the trucks has been strictly prevented and truck overloading the ore, will be fined for Rs five lakh.

The permit generated on the weigh bridge should be pasted on the windshield of the truck. The barges will have to be registered with the Directorate of Mines and Geology.

No barge without registration will be allowed to ply.

The State Government has given time till August 27 for registration of the barges. The ships have also been asked not to indulge in carrying the ore which has been extracted illegally.

Published on August 14, 2012
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