The Bihar Chief Minister, Mr Nitish Kumar, on Sunday asked the Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, to implement the linking of Barauni Thermal Power Plant Extension Project with Urma Paharitola coal block.

Thanking the Prime Minister for his recent letter conveying the suggestion of the coal ministry for linking the Barauni project with Urma Paharitola coal block and accepting the offer of tapering coal linkage, Mr Kumar said, “We have since accepted the offer and the chief secretary has written to the secretary, Ministry of Coal on July 27 in this regard.”

The Barauni plant, Mr Kumar said, was the only State sector power project in Bihar that was expected to add 500 MW generation capacity.

“We are making all efforts to ensure that this project is completed on time, in January/July 2014”, he said.

“It is therefore essential that the tapering coal linkage offered should provide adequate coal supply to this plant from a working coal mine beginning 2014 until Urma Paharitola coal block begins production around 2018 — as well as tapering supplies for three years thereafter”, he said.

Mr Kumar said, “Since the last date for obtaining environmental clearance for the Barauni plant is January 31, 2013, the coal ministry will have to ensure that approval of the tapering linkage is notified immediately”.

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