The NDA 3.0 is a “defeated government” and people say it’s unlikely to last long, said Samajwadi Party (SP) chief Akhilesh Yadav as he took on Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Lok Sabha while participating in the discussion on reply to motion of thanks on the presidential address on Tuesday.

The MP from Kannauj also tried to take a veiled dig at the perceived differences between Narendra Modi-Amit Shah duo and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. Former UP Chief Minister said that the people are suffering because of prabhutva ki ladai (fight for supremacy)“ in the State.

“They said ‘400 paar’ during the election... A defeated government exists. People say it won’t last long and will fall anytime,” Yadav said early in his speech delivered without aggression but filled with sarcasm against Modi and his regime. He thanked the “intelligent” and “honest” people for defeating the communal forces and handing over a moral victory for the INDIA opposition bloc in the Lok Sabha polls.

He recited an Urdu couplet for a jibe at the PM — “Awan ne tod diya hukumat ka guroor, darbar to laga hai par, bada gamgeen benoor hai (public has shattered government’s pride, the court is set up but it is sad and listless)“.

Ayodhya reference

Seconding what Rahul Gandhi, Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha, said against the ruling dispensation on Monday, Yadav told the House that the election has unfurled a new era of positive politics in which the Constitution and pro-Constitution people have won. “..It is the end of top-down politics,” he said, hinting at the central leadership of the BJP.

The former UP chief minister again referred to the electoral defeat in Faizabad to embarrass the BJP. “Hoi wahi jo Ram rachi rakha (Whatever Ram desires, will happen),” Yadav said.

The leader of the third largest party in the Lok Sabha observed that “the victory of Ayodhya is the victory of the wisdom of India’s voters.” Faizabad MP and SP leader Awadhesh Kumar was seated next to Yadav in the House, as he has been since the start of the session, when he made the remarks.

Focus on UP

Turning his spotlight on his home State of UP, he reiterated Modi had said India has become fifth largest economy. Similarly, the BJP-led NDA government in UP also aspires to become one trillion economy and for that to happen 35 per cent growth would be required, the SP chief stated. “I don’t think that can happen,” he quipped.

He recalled a shayariHuzoor e ala khamosh baithe isi gham mein, mehfil lut le gaya koi jab sajai thi humne that he had recited in the UP assembly to take on CM Yogi Adityanath on the Ram temple inauguration earlier this year. As per Yadav, Adityanath oversaw all arrangements for the inauguration of Ram temple, but did not find a place on the red carpet, as PM Modi got all the attention.

On repeating the shayari, Yadav patted the shoulder of Awadesh Prasad, who instantly replied, “Yogiji ke liye (for Yogiji).” The banter left Opposition in laughter.

He also questioned the authenticity of electronic voting machine, took pot shot on paper leaks and vowed that the Agnipath scheme of employment in defence forces will be repealed if Opposition government comes to power at the Centre.