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Bharat Savur | Updated on February 02, 2014 Published on February 02, 2014

Timely tips make life easier, healthier, happier. Presenting…seven smart stir-ups…!

*If you’ve got the beginnings of a headache, no sweat. Close your right nostril by pressing your finger against it and breathe measured breaths through your left nostril. Your breath will feel cool like fresh mint . Do it until you feel relaxed. Either the headache will just disappear or reduce in intensity to such a degree that you’ll be able to ignore it.

*You’ve rubbed your eyes because they itch and now they’re watering and feeling worse. Don’t rub anymore—ever. Close your eyes with a squeezing motion 5 times to moisten them. Then blink 100 times rapidly. You’ll find grit collecting at the sides. Clean it off gently. Blink 200 times more.

*Feel nauseous before an exam or important interview? Pop in a pudinahara capsule. Bite into it and release the oil. Wash it down with a gulp of water. In no time, your nausea… hey! what nausea?

*Suddenly, for no apparent reason, you’re restless, disoriented or moody. There could be 101 reasons for it. But let’s keep it simple. Get away from the low electro-magnetic radiations (EMRs) emitted by mobile and wi-fi router. Go for a long lone ranger stroll sans any equipment. Walk amidst plants and trees with the sun warming your shoulders. Nature is a great balancer.

*There’s no earthly reason to feel inadequate about anything. Beat those inadequacy blues by hugging yourself exactly as you’d hug a disconsolate little kid. Say, “I’m okay, a good guy.” Or as Garfield proclaims, “I’m awesome!” Oh yeah, and unlike Garfield, do something awesome—like buying a wildly extravagant gift for Grandma or giving a hamper of groceries to a poor family. You will feel awesome.

*Feeling lethargic? Rub your palms together until they’re hot. Get up and do some fun-stuff: spot-jog, dance to music, use the hula hoop, whoop aloud. Come alive!

*If prone to night-time acidity, brew a cuppa water with jeera until it turns amber. Strain and add honey. Drink it warm, not hot. No acidity, only big, blissful sleep!

(The writer is co-author of the book Fitness for Life and teacher of the Fitness for Life programme)

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Published on February 02, 2014
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