Flip vs Fold: Which foldable is for you?

Mala Bhargava | Updated on September 06, 2021

The Fold will be attractive for someone who doesn’t currently own a tablet, and the Flip, if you have another friendly smartphone, wants to consider it a second phone or shift some of your activities to a tablet or laptop and lighten your usage on the phone

Samsung’s foldables, the Z Flip 3 and the Z Fold 3 are both rather enticing for tech enthusiasts this year. They’ve come in much stronger built and have proved themselves to be sturdier than anyone imagined. Most of us can’t have them both, much as we would like to, but if you were to pick one, which should it be? It depends on so many things, some to do with the devices, and some with you.

The price: The cost may just be one of the determining factors, though most likely, if someone decides to buy either of these luxury devices, there’s disposable income around. The Fold 3 starts at ₹1,49,999 and the Flip 3 at ₹99,999, so that’s half a lakh difference, which is not small. It could have been just a matter of how much one is willing to spend if not for so many other variables.

Your personality: If you look at why you want one of these phones, it will help you choose between the two. If the new technology extremely attracts you , these devices embody it’s probably the Fold that has more to explore. If it’s the sheer cool factor, it’s perhaps the Flip that will suit you more. Both devices attract attention when you use them where others see them, but the Flip is almost like a fashion accessory, although its beyond that because when unfolded, it’s so close to being a regular phone.


Workstyle: The two foldable are very different animals even though they may be based on similar concepts regarding how they’re constructed. The way that they invite the user to interact with them is entirely different. The Fold is the productivity device. There’s a lot you can do to use the cover screen close to a regular Android phone. And then there’s a lot you can do when you unfold it and have a tablet-sized device t work with. The software allows for an unusual and innovative form of multi-tasking with up to three apps able to be opened up on the screen. More than that, there’s also the fact that Samsung’s S-Pen (a special version only) can now be used with it so you can lay it down flat and commence writing or drawing or doing any of a number of things that the Pen allows.

On the other hand, the Flip is like the phones we’re used once unfolded but narrower — and that does make a difference. It’s not designed to be a high-productivity device, but a smartphone that looks very enticing and stylish is great to make calls on in folded mode and is very fun for routine tasks. It’s also just fun to fold and unfold.


Other devices: Whether you opt for the Flip or the Fold may depend on what other gadgets you happen to own. The Fold should be more attractive for someone who doesn’t currently own a tablet. As for the Flip, if you have another perfectly nice smartphone, you may want to consider it as a second phone or shift some of your activities to a tablet or laptop and lighten your usage on the phone and use the Flip. This phone doesn’t have either a huge battery to boast of or stellar cameras, so if some other gadget meets those needs, the Flip is a great extra for those who can afford it.

Published on September 06, 2021

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