has raised $2.1 million in pre-seed funding round led by Lightspeed, B Capital, Sparrow Capital, Seaborne Capital and Beenext also participated in backing the startup that launched in April this year. plans to utilise these funds to drive its next phase of growth and build out new product features while keeping the core team lean & agile.’ provide businesses with solutions to delegate critical operational tasks as they are building a curated marketplace of an AI-trained human task force which can execute complex business processes seamlessly. This allows businesses to focus on strategic tasks while entrusting routine operations to Gush.

“Our vision is to make it extremely easy for any business to reliably delegate critical yet process-oriented business tasks. Getting expensive in-house employees to work on recurring, manual tasks or spending months trying to imperfectly automate these processes is really suboptimal. The complexity of these tasks is such that most companies do not trust AI to execute them without human oversight. We want to embed AI in the very core of business operations by bringing in a reliable human touch on top of AI to solve the lack of trust,” said Nayrhit Bhattacharya, Co-founder & CEO of is primarily focusing on sales and marketing operations workflows, encompassing tasks such as lead prospecting, email marketing, ad management, lead engagement on social media platforms, webinar moderation & marketing, social media management for SMBs, responding to inbound leads, CRM setup, social media analytics data scraping, prospect outreach, and ad campaign management, among others. The company plans to expand into more specialised roles in the future.

“We are very bullish about the future of AI. We believe that to truly embed AI in day-to-day business operations and solve the lack of trust in AI applications, we need to build a robust human-in-the-loop offering with a high trust factor. We are building the world’s most affordable & reliable way of executing complex tasks by bringing the best of offshoring and AI together,” said Adithya Venkatesh, Co-founder & CPO of