Social commerce platform Meesho is stepping up focus on growing its seller base, especially onboarding of MSME sellers. The platform has decided to launch an integrated e-commerce mobile app for both buyers and sellers, enabling users to toggle between the two interfaces with a single click.

Kirti Varun Avasarala, Chief Product Officer, Meesho, told BusinessLine, “Today, we have over 4 lakh sellers on our platform and a large chunk of these are small sellers. We have been aggressively growing the seller base, clocking a growth rate of nearly 5x last year. This year too we are hoping to grow the current seller base to about 10-12 lakhs. We believe a large chunk of these will continue to be smaller sellers as the Bharat opportunity gets unlocked.”

Unified app

The company said that the integrated app for android users is part of its strategy to enable the digitisation process for sellers.

“A large chunk of our sellers are also buyers on the Meesho platform and this is also one of the key reasons that led us launch a unified mobile app for both buyers and sellers,” he added.

Multiple features have been integrated on the app that were earlier present only on the web version, including order processing, payment tracking, inventory management and seller support, among others.

“We believe this will also be a strategic lever in democratising internet access for small sellers, especially those who are living beyond Tier 1 cities and towns. Only a small chunk of them are currently selling online and we believe more and more of these small businesses, including individual entrepreneurs, will transition to digital selling,” he added.

Earlier this month, Meesho announced initiatives such as zero penalty among others for its sellers wherein they are not penalised for self or auto cancellation of orders.