Google rolled out its new privacy tool ‘Results about you’ to help remove personal identifiable information (PII) like contact details and more. Google announced the new privacy tool for Android at the I/O 2022 conference.

‘Results about you’ option for Google Android.

‘Results about you’ option for Google Android. | Photo Credit: -

Google users for Android can now clean the entire personal history by just tapping on their profile avatar in the top-right corner and jump to ‘Results about you’ menu. The user will then be redirected to the page where they can request Google to remove phone number, email, or any other PII.

To remove any of the PII detail, one can do so by clicking on the three dots that appear on the top-right corner next to each results. The ‘About this result’ panel redirects to a new “Remove result” option on the bottom of the screen. One can also keep a check on the progress of the result removal from ‘Results about you’ panel. There are three drop down options - All requests, In progress, and Approved.

Three-dot overflow to remove results

Three-dot overflow to remove results | Photo Credit: -

There are few walkthrough questions that appear under “Why would you like to remove this result?” while making a request for information removal:

  • It shows my contact into with an intent to harm me.
  • It shows my personal contact info.
  • It shows other personal info.
  • It’s outdated.
  • It contains illegal info.

The ‘Results about you’ feature has not been rolled out globally yet, a few beta users got lucky.