The Udupi-based Robosoft Technologies and the Surathkal-based NITK (National Institute of Technology Karnataka) have come together to develop a Web 3.0 driven collaborative platform for students and organisations.

A statement said that college students constantly share their profiles with various organisations in order to find career opportunities. Student profiles across skill-sets and academic credentials are also sought by a diverse set of organisations. In a bid to meet the needs of both, Robosoft and NITK have partnered to develop a collaborative platform where students and such organisation can connect and interact directly for multiple opportunities (projects, internships, or jobs).

It said the proposed platform will be different from current solutions, as it is built on Web 3.0 technologies and hence personal data is owned entirely by the students and organisations they engage with.

Students can share their profiles and can even showcase their work in and outside their field such as whitepapers, projects, studies or research. In turn, organisations offering jobs or internships will be able to view relevant student profiles. Students can get recommendations for jobs, projects or internships based on their qualifications and interests through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) tools. The discussions between the student and the company are private, it said.

The proposed platform will be free to use with no membership fees to avail the services.

Quoting Udaykumar R Yaragatti, former Director (in-charge) of NITK, it said: “We believe both the student community and the corporate world will benefit from this platform. It is a secure and de-centralised platform which uses blockchain in use-cases such as validating a student profile.” The platform will be built by NITK.

Robosoft Technologies will provide support to the project through strategic advisory, multidisciplinary research, development and education in emerging technologies and applications.

Ravi Teja Bommireddipalli, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Robosoft Technologies, said Robosoft is thrilled to partner with NITK in this path-breaking project which solves a consumer pain point creatively through technology.

“This is just a beginning of NITK-Robosoft relationship as we both come together to solve societal problems through state-of-the-art research and technology,” he said.