A day after the Leader of Opposition (LoP) Rahul Gandhi’s all-out attack against the government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday gave a tutorial to National Democratic Alliance (NDA) MPs on good conduct following the rules of Parliament.

Addressing the NDA Parliamentary party for the first time after becoming PM for the third time, Modi also advised the MPs to take up issues of their individual constituencies in Parliament.

Senior BJP leaders along with NDA MPs were present in the meeting held ahead of the start of the day’s session in both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.

PM’s advice

“Today, the PM gave us a very important mantra. He said that every MP has been elected to the House to serve the nation. Irrespective of the party they belong to, service to the nation is our first responsibility. Every NDA MP has to work by prioritising the country. Secondly, the PM guided us well regarding the conduct of MPs,” Parliamentary Affairs Minister Kiren Rijiju briefed reporters after the meeting.

He also said, “The PM urged NDA MPs to follow the rules of the Parliament, the Parliamentary democracy system and conduct, which is essential to becoming a good MP.”

On whether Rahul Gandhi’s remarks and the subsequent ruckus in Lok Sabha on Monday figured in the discussion, the Minister replied, “This meeting was not about that, it was to boost coordination among us.”

Rijiju, however, criticised the former Congress president for his combative maiden speech. “The manner in which the LoP Rahul Gandhi behaved yesterday, turned his back towards the Speaker and insulted the Speaker is something that people of our party, the NDA should not do...,” he observed.

Rijiju advocated especially to the first-time MPs to follow the PM’s guidance, which he described as a “good mantra”for all members.

The Prime Minister told the MPs to develop expertise in some of the major issues of interest and represent those in the House. “He said that every MP should present the matters of their constituency in the House very well as per the rules,” Rijiju stated.

Union Minister and JD(S) MP, HD Kumaraswamy, seconded Rijiju, “The PM advised all MPs to be present in the House and learn a lot of things. He also advised on how to behave in the House and work in favour of the people,” Kumaraswamy said. The Minister of State and RLD MP Jayant Chaudhary stated Modi told the NDA leaders to work as a family.