A new symphony

Raga by Titan, uses film star Alia Bhat very effectively in its new campaign Love Yourself Boldly. The feisty and charming Bhat adopts a light-hearted tone as she picks up Raga watches, each symbolic of a distinctive feature and talks about the judgements society makes, regardless of one’s choices. She goes on to pose a compelling question “Par in sab ki wajah se, khud se pyar karna chhod doge kya?” urging women to rise beyond people’s opinions and unabashedly live life on their own terms. Going with Bhat’s minimalistic chic look, Titan Raga is shown as a contemporary, unprejudiced companion. Creative incorporation of the legendary Titan symphony tops off the campaign on a memorable note.

Scoring on continuity

Alia Bhat features once again, along with Ranveer Singh, in Make My Trip’s latest ad spotlighting its new book with zero payment feature. What is nice about the campaign is the sense of continuity. Over the years MMT has done a good job with campaigns featuring its ambassadors in engaging dialogues. The latest campaign has two brand films wherein Ranveer and Alia play a small-town couple in slice-of-life booking scenarios. The not so nice bit is the caricaturing of a user from Bharat. Brands have to get out of this cliché of using a dehati dialect to show a user from a small town.

Humour and stickiness

Pidlite, which has always caught the eye with its quirky campaigns for its Fevicol brand, uses the same approach for its newly acquired brand Araldite. In rapid succession, it has put out a television commercial and an outdoor campaign for the adhesive. Billboards put up in Mumbai and Delhi with the tagline ‘Jode kuch bhi’, — literally does that. It puts a road roller on a hoarding, reviving memories of an iconic outdoor campaign done by Araldite featuring two cars stuck on a hoarding in London. The TVC meanwhile showcases a 50-ton horse that has been stuck with a solitary hoof to the staircase of a palace for decades and how nobody has managed to pull it down because as the Karigar in the film gleefully announces, “I had stuck this horse with Araldite.”