To widen the spectrum of its premium mobility offerings, Adishwar Auto Ride India Pvt. Ltd. (AARI) has announced the launch of its latest venture – Moto Vault, a multi-brand superbike franchise in Kochi. The announcement comes in line with the company’s commitment to set up multiple touchpoints across India to ensure every customer has the best superbike experience.

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The state-of-the-art showroom showcases the global range of superbikes from Moto Morini, Zontes and the recently launched global brand QJ Motor. Going forward, AARI plans to introduce more world-class brands through its multi-brand franchise. The outlets are designed to offer end-to-end sales, service and spares support, while also showcasing an exclusive range of apparels and accessories.

Vikas Jhabakh, Managing Director, Adishwar Auto Ride India said, “Our vision behind the launch of Moto Vault showrooms across India is to ensure that superbike enthusiasts get to experience globally renowned brands and their distinguished products.”

The Moto Morini range includes 4 models in the 650cc range with prices starting from ₹6,89,000 (ex-showroom India), these include the Seiemmezzo Retro Street and Scrambler. The Zontes range starts from ₹3,15,000 (ex-showroom, India) and consists of 5 models in the 350cc category.

The QJ Motor range starts from ₹1,99,000 (ex-showroom, India) and consists of 4 models in the 250cc to 400cc category.

Adishwar Auto Ride India was established in 2018 with the objective of providing the Indian motoring enthusiast with a wide range of advanced tech-enabled mobility solutions in line with international standards. The company has grown exponentially since then with a manufacturing facility in Hyderabad. The plant and is capable of churning out 30,000 units annually. The company also boasts a 50+ dealership network with over 20,000 satisfied superbike customers across India.