Shahi Exports, an apparel manufacturer and exporter, has announced a joint venture with Little King Global, a Taiwan synthetic sportswear fabric manufacturer. The joint venture will initiate a processing unit for synthetic fabrics located in Shimoga,Karnataka. The venture also aims to strengthen employment in Shimoga in the manufacturing sector.

The company has claimed that the production line is set to be fully operational by the end of this year, with an initial production capacity of 500 tonnes per month. This capacity is slated to double in the future, reaching 1,000 tonnes per month.

“Our partnership with Little King Global is not just a venture but a commitment to our customers, assuring them access to the very best in class when it comes to synthetic fabrics. Our goal is continual improvement and relentless focus on product development as we continue growing and increasing the scale of operations. We also aim to contribute toward boosting employment generation across the country,” said Ramalingam T, CEO, Knits Division, Shahi Exports.

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Shahi Exports, which was established in 1974 by Sarla Ahuja, has three fabric processing mills and over 50 apparel manufacturing facilities across 8 States in India, with a workforce of over 96,000 people.

“With the global supply chain shift and the rise of India’s manufacturing trend, we should leverage the best resources from advanced technologies, economical production, and talent for our Shimoga plant. Once the plant is operational, we will offer recycled, responsive, and resilient services for our valued customers,” said Bruce Liao, Vice-President, Little King Global.

Little King Global Co., Ltd., based in Taiwan, focuses on producing synthetic, circular knit fabrics for activewear, outdoor wear, and sports clothing. Additionally, the company provides services such as yarn texturizing, dyeing, knitting, and post-finishing treatments, which include lamination, sublimation printing, and digital printing.

(With inputs from bl intern Meghna Barik)