Ahmedabad-based Innovative Eco-Care has commissioned a 120 tonne-per-day (tpd) municipal waste-to-energy project in Imphal, Manipur. The processed solid waste will generate 2.4 megawatts of electricity, which will be supplied to the grid on commercial terms.

The company has developed technology to utilise mixed municipal solid waste (MSW) to generate power, light diesel oil and compost. It will produce around 10 tonnes of compost and 3,000 kg of light diesel oil.

The plant was recently inaugurated in Lamdeng, Imphal. Manipur designed and executed a tripartite agreement between MAHUD (Municipal Administration, Housing & Urban Development), Department of Power, Manipur and IEC-TSL Ingenious Energy LLP, Ahmedabad.

Vipul Chaturvedi, Founder and Managing Director, Innovative Eco-Care Pvt Ltd informed that the home-grown technology integrating multiple process technologies makes it different from the competition.

Chaturvedi developed Renerzyme process - Mixed Microbial Treatment of MSW and MSW processing, which reduces moisture and eliminates foul odours from the wastes. The process improves efficiency of power generation from the waste.

Kinjal Shah, Director-Marketing of TSL, developed gasification and power generation modules, which used a gasifier with a tar-less process. The output from gasifier gives more energy than the conventional gasifier.

IEC is also implementing a similar project for Bengaluru city with 300-tpa capacity to generate 6 MW power. The project will be operational by December, 2022, Chaturvedi informed.

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