Ten Indian vegans are supporting a vegan campaign on the occasion of the 10th global anniversary of Veganuary (a the global campaign to try vegan).

According to a press release, the 10 Indian vegans supporting the campaign include Soundarya Sharma, actor and BigBoss contestant; Arvind Krishna, actor and pro 3x3 basketballer; Monica Dogra, musician and actor; Amy Aela, actor; Prakriti Varshney, mountaineer, Mt Everest; Kuntal Joisher, mountaineer Mt Everest; Vishwajeet Sangle, pro tennis player; Anushka Manchanda, singer; Sadaa Syed, actor; and Sneha Ullal, actor.

Quoting a YouGov survey in December 2021, it said 65 per cent of Indians planned to eat more plant-based/vegan foods in 2022. In January 2022, India had the third highest number of people signing up to try vegan, next only to the UK and the US.

Growth in next 2 years

The Indian plant-based meat market, which is currently worth $30 million-$40 million, is anticipated to grow to $500 million in the next two years, it said, adding plant-based dairy sales in India are expected to increase from their current level of $21 million to $63.9 million by 2024.

Prashanth Vishwanath, Veganuary’s India Head, said this is the time for hope, change, and action. “Whatever your plans for 2023 are, trying vegan is a great place to start, for health, the planet and the animals. Veganuary understands the science of behaviour change and brings world-class support and resources for you to have a great vegan experience. You can do this while enjoying most of your favourite Indian recipes, engaging with celeb vegans and being part of a community that is trying vegan at the same time as you,” Prashanth Vishwanath said.