Mane Kancor, a global major in spice extraction and manufacturing of natural ingredients, has opened its new manufacturing facility in Byadgi, Karnataka.

The facility, situated on approximately 50 acres, marks a significant expansion for the company. The new facility is located in the prime growing belt for high-colour varieties of chilli.

The project incorporates cutting-edge technologies and a continuous extraction process that ensures best process efficiencies. 

One of the notable features of the facility is the inclusion of a supercritical fluid extraction plant that utilises carbon dioxide as an extraction medium. According to Mane Kancor, the environment-friendly process not only aligns with the company’s commitment to sustainability, but also ensures organic compliance.

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Jean Mane, President of Mane Group said, “Our vision is to streamline bulk production at a single location to simplify processes and management. This new facility not only increases our production capacity four-fold, but will also generate 50 per cent more direct employment. Furthermore, it provides opportunities for over 10,000 people, including farmers, across Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Kerala. With the facility occupying just one-third of the available land in Byadgi, we have ample room for future expansion.”

India focus

The expansion project aligns with Mane Kancor’s plans announced during the company’s golden jubilee celebration in 2019. With an investment of over ₹200 crore as FDI, the parent company Mane aims to strengthen its presence in India. Mane, the world’s fifth largest flavour and fragrance house headquartered in France, considers the Byadgi facility its largest manufacturing site in India.

Geemon Korah, Executive Director and CEO of Mane Kancor, said, “With a focus on segments like natural colours, natural antioxidants, and personal care ingredients, this expansion enhances our capabilities and positions us for further growth.”

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In addition to chilli, the Byadgi facility has the capability to process a wide range of raw materials, including rosemary and other spices.

The expanded bandwidth enables the company to increase throughput volumes and introduce innovative products. Notably, the facility also implements a zero waste management system, converting biomass generated during production into fuel for boilers and utilising gas from effluent treatment in the industry canteen. The treated water is repurposed for irrigation purposes.