Passenger traffic at Ahmedabad airport increased 33 per cent on Sunday as it handled a record 40,801 passengers. The World Cup final match between India and Australia led to a spurt in flight movements. Typically, the airport handles 220-230 flights daily, but on Sunday, it handled 359 flights. This included 260 scheduled and 99 charter flights, with the latter carrying film stars, politicians and Ministers.

Around 83 per cent of 40,801 passengers flew on domestic flights, and the remainder on international airlines. “The milestone was achieved in 23 hours since the airspace was closed for over 45 minutes due to an air show by the Indian Air Force,” said Ahmedabad airport in a press release on Monday.

Friday also saw high passenger traffic only to be surpassed on the match day. On Friday, Ahmedabad airport handled 38723 passengers with 273 flight movements.