Now one can watch web series on Instagram's IGTV

Varun Agarwal | | Updated on: Dec 06, 2021


This feature which will open to the public from Thursday, will see the IGTV platform support web series content creation

Content creators now have something to cheer as Instagram's video platform IGTV will now support creation of web series, allowing creators to organize their IGTV videos into a “series” with a consistent title and theme.

The feature which will open for public on Thursday, will see Instagram officially supporting series content on IGTV and making it easier for anyone to create their own.

What this means for content creators is that fans will now be able to turn on notifications and have another distribution channel for your IGTV videos, something which has been seen on Youtube for a long time.

A series title will allow creators to start channels in a web series format and organize their videos on a series page and have each video badged with their series name so it’s differentiated from other IGTV videos.

Similar to Youtube and Netflix, IGTV series will automatically play the next episode, allowing longer engagement from fans and viewers.

This is set to be a big move coming from Instagram as it tries to parallel the success of Youtube as a content creation platform but one that's targeted more towards mobile consumers. The focus of Instagram is on ease of creation and posting videos.

Tiktok as competition in short-form video format

Even in short form video format, Instagram's IGTV still lags behind ByteDance's Tiktok platform, which is hugely popular among tier 2 and tier 3 audiences and content creators in India.

The new feature on IGTV will allow Instagram to compete more aggressively with both Youtube and Tiktok. Whether it'll translate into a real competition for the two platforms will depend on how many content creators decide to invest their energies on IGTV and build their series exclusively for the platform. Till then we'll be curious to see creative content coming out from Indian creators.

Published on October 23, 2019
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