As 2023 draws to a close, YouTube looked back on the most popular videos and creators from India during the year. YouTube reported that the year witnessed a blend of multi-format creations, which contributed to content memorability.

The platform observed a surge in the appeal of short-form videos and the extensive influence of digital video, democratising content creation across genres. Music emerged as a significant inspiration for viral masterpieces.

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The top trending content spanned various genres and languages, showcasing India’s tapestry of diverse cultures. From the Chandrayaan-3 mission’s live telecast, which amassed over 8.5 million peak concurrent views, to the immersive world of gaming in titles like Grand Theft Auto, creators continuously wowed audiences with gameplay, narrative, comedy, and music, the video sharing platform said.

The year also witnessed the rise of multi-format creation, exemplified by content like the Tom and Jerry format, appealing to audiences of all ages. Moreover, creators leveraged their communities, engaging with audiences in unique and personalised ways. The relationship between music and content creation evolved significantly, with music videos and Shorts trends driving tracks such as Tere Vaaste, Pulsar Bike, Jailer, Company, Naa Ready, and Heeriye. The top 10 breakout creators included individuals such as Pavan Sahu and Neetu Bisht, and channels such as Sagar’s Kitchen, among others.