In India, there are certain public holidays that apply nationwide in 2024, such as Republic Day on January 26th, Independence Day on August 15th, and Gandhi Jayanti on October 2nd. However, there are also state-specific bank holidays depending on the region where one resides. Additionally, various religious and festival holidays, including Diwali, Dussehra, Christmas, Eid, Guru Nanak Jayanthi, Good Friday, Ganesh Chaturthi, and Budh Purnima, are observed throughout the country.

Bank Holiday List 2024

Most states in India declare the following holidays. However, you can click on the state links to access the specific bank holiday lists for each state.

1 January 2024MondayNew Year's Day
12 January 2024Friday Birthday of Swami Vivekananda
13 January 2024SaturdaySecond Saturday
15 January 2024Monday Makara Sankaranthi / Pongal
17 January 2024WednesdayGuru Gobind Singh Ji Birthday
26 January 2024FridayRepublic Day
27 January 2024SaturdayFourth Saturday
10 February 2024 SaturdaySecond Saturday 
14 February 2024WednesdayBasant Panchami 
15 February 2024ThursdayBirthday of Md. Hazrat Ali/Lui-Ngai-Ni
24 February 2024SaturdayGuru Ravidas Ji Birthday
25 February 2024SundayThaipusam
8 March 2024FridayMahashivratri
9 March 2024SaturdaySecond Saturday
23 March 2024SaturdayFourth Saturday
25 March 2024MondayHoli
29 March 2024FridayGood Friday
1 April 2024MondayAnnual Closing of Bank Accounts
5 April 2024FridayBabu Jagjivan Ram's Birthday
8 April 2024MondayMahashivratri
9 April 2024TuesdayChaitra Sukladi/Gudi Padwa/Ugadi/Cheti Chand
13 April 2024SaturdaySecond Saturday
14 April 2024SundayTamil New Year
21 April 2024SundayMahavir Jayanti
27 April 2024SaturdayFourth Saturday
7 May 2024TuesdayBirthday of Guru Rabindranath Tagore
11 May 2024SaturdaySecond Saturday
23 May 2024ThursdayBudha Purnima
25 May 2024SaturdayFourth Saturday
8 June 2024SaturdaySecond Saturday
10 June 2024MondayMartyrdom Day of Sri Guru Arjun Dev ji
15 June 2024SaturdayYMA Day
16 June 2024SundayId-ul-Zuha (Bakrid)
22 June 2024 SaturdayFourth Saturday
8 July 2024MondayRath Yatra
13 July 2024SaturdaySecond Saturday
17 July 2024WednesdayMuharram
27 July 2024SaturdayFourth Saturday
10 August 2024SaturdaySecond Saturday
15 August 2024ThursdayIndependence Day
19 August 2024MondayRaksha Bandhan
24 August 2024SaturdayFourth Saturday
26 August 2024MondayJanmashtami (Vaishnva)
5 September 2024ThursdayTithi of Srimanta Sankardeva
7 September 2024SaturdayVinayagar Chaturthi
14 September 2024SaturdaySecond Saturday
15 September 2024SundayThiruvonam
16 September 2024MondayMilad-un-Nabi or Id-e-Milad (Birthday of Prophet
28 September 2024SaturdayFourth Saturday
1 October 2024TuesdayHalf-Yearly Closing of Bank Accounts
2 October 2024WednesdayMahatma Gandhi's Birthday
11 October 2024FridayAyudha Puja / Saraswathi Puja
12 October 2024SaturdaySecond Saturday
26 October 2024SaturdayFourth Saturday
31 October 2024ThursdayDiwali (Deepavali)
1 November 2024FridayLaxmi Puja, Kannada Rajyotsava
2 November 2024SaturdayGovardhan Puja
7 November 2024ThursdayChhath Puja
9 November 2024SaturdaySecond Saturday
15 November 2024FridayGuru Nanak's Birthday
18 November 2024MondayKanakadasa Jayanthi
23 November 2024SaturdayFourth Saturday
3 December 2024SaturdayFeast of St. Francis Xavier
14 December 2024SaturdaySecond Saturday
25 December 2024WednesdayChristmas Day
28 December 2024SaturdayFourth Saturday
28 December 2024SaturdayFourth Saturday
31 December 2024TuesdayNew Year's Eve

Bank Holidays List 2024 on the Second and Fourth Saturdays

In addition to the mentioned bank holidays, banks in India remain closed on the second and fourth Saturdays of every month. However, if a month happens to have five Saturdays, the fifth Saturday is considered a working day for banks. It's worth noting that in the past, banks used to operate for only half a day on Saturdays.

13 January 2024Second Saturday
27 January 2024Fourth Saturday
10 February 2024Second Saturday
24 February 2024Fourth Saturday
9 March 2024Second Saturday
23 March 2024Fourth Saturday
13 April 2024Second Saturday
27 April 2024Fourth Saturday
11 May 2024Second Saturday
25 May 2024Fourth Saturday
8 June 2024Second Saturday
22 June 2024Fourth Saturday
13 July 2024Second Saturday
27 July 2024Fourth Saturday
10 August 2024Second Saturday
24 August 2024Fourth Saturday
14 September 2024Second Saturday
28 September 2024Fourth Saturday
12 October 2024Fourth Saturday
26 October 2024Fourth Saturday
9 November 2024Second Saturday
23 November 2024Fourth Saturday
14 December 2024Second Saturday
28 December 2024Fourth Saturday